Yashica Electro 35 release rods adjustment

This is the page from the manual that shows and describes the release rods. I've added the red arrow to show the second one which wasn't identified. See my notes below for more detailed information on how to adjust them both.

The manual only describes the adjustment of the release rod on the right (looking at the picture) which is the one which actually triggers the shutter release. But the other one may need adjustment as well.

When the shutter release is pressed, three things happen - all of which should happen simultaneously. Usually they don't because, either, the rods haven't been adjusted or the person adjusting them doesn't understand what they do.

The right hand one trips the shutter and also trips the latch which holds the rod in its down position. The left hand rod trips the wind-lock allowing the film advance to be operated again. If these three things don't happen together, it's possible, for instance, for the shutter to be tripped but the wind-lock to not be released so it's not possible to advance the film. Or, it might sound like the shutter has released when, in fact, all that has happened is the wind-lock has released and a picture might not be taken.

When adjusting the rods, press the shutter release VERY slowly while watching the latch and listening for the sound of the shutter releasing and the wind-lock releasing. You'll probably hear three separate clicks, one of which will be the latch going in. You can tell which click is the latch going in because you're watching the latch. Adjust the left hand rod so that the other two clicks become simultaneous. In other words, so that the shutter releases at the same time as the wind-lock releases. Then adjust the right hand rod so that the latch engages at the same time as the shutter releases. If necessary, go back and adjust the left hand one again.

When all three things happen together, you're done.

A video can be downloaded from here (.flv) or here (.wmv). Note that the sound is a bit out of sync on the video. The click should be when the latch goes in.