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Any item that is excess to my requirements will get posted here for a while before appearing on an internet auction site near you.

If you would like to buy any item or just want further information, please contact me using the address on my contact page and please include your location so I can calculate postage costs if necessary.

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Yashica CCN 'Wide'

This is currently on ebay where you can see details.

Price: £120

Strap Lugs

The strap lugs on the 139 are made of brass with a steel insert to stop the soft brass being worn away. Unfortunately, the idea doesn't work that well and the steel inserts move and allow the brass to be worn away. Later cameras, such as the RX, have stainless steel lugs which don't wear.

I once managed to get a small quantity of the stainless steel ones but have now used them all so have had some custom made. These are now available to buy. They fit the 139 and 159. I believe also the 137. They may also fit the RTS and RTSII but this needs confirming.

£14 per pair plus postage.

£25 per pair fitted plus camera return postage (139 and 159 only - contact me for others).

£12 per pair fitted if done as part of a full service (139 only).