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Repair Service

I can carry out repairs to your camera when I have time available. As I also work full-time I don't always have a great deal of available time but, as long as you are not looking for a quick turn-around, I can usually manage to fit in most repairs. I'm also always happy to give advice if I can so do get in touch if you have an issue with your camera.

The cameras I normally repair include, besides the Contax 139, the Contax 159, the Contax S2 and any of the Yashica FX-3 variants. I can also repair some other Contax and Yashica cameras including TLRs and some rangefinders.

Please use the email address on my contact page to contact me.

Contax 139 Service
I rarely get sent a camera just to be serviced. They normally get sent to me when they don't work. But most 139s I see are in need of a full service and a minor fault is often just an indication of that. In such cases I will quote for a full service rather than the cost to repair. Sometimes the cost of the service is little more than the cost to repair anyway. A full service is just that. It's not a quick clean, lubricate and adjust (CLA). The camera gets dismantled and everything that needs to be done is done. The check list below shows what I will do but I will also carry out minor repairs, usually at no extra cost. Anything extra that involves extra cost would be notified to the owner before commencement of the work.

Sending cameras to me
It is your choice as to how you send cameras to me, however, due to recent issues I have had, I have to advise not using TNT or any of their partners. A recent complaint to them highlighted the impossibility of getting any positive outcome. So the best thing is to just avoid them.

Dismantling a 139 in 25 seconds...